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Bank directors looking for thrilling travel experiences might want to think about taking travelers to Helena, Montana, to dangle their toes in the water as they float down the Missouri River, spotting eagles along the way.

“This is the same route Lewis and Clark took,” said Heidi O’Brien, executive director of the Helena Tourism Alliance. “I would also recommend enjoying this water experience in a kayak. They are not the fragile vessels some might think — I did this with my kids and my mom and everyone loved it.”

Inside the Helena National Forest, thrill seekers can climb cliffs under the guidance and supervision of experts.

“Offered in a mild terrain, once again this is an activity that a novice can safely test their boundaries while experiencing a thrill of a lifetime,” said O’Brien.

Famous for wildlife refuges, gulches, lakes and plenty of wilderness, Helena and the surrounding areas are synonymous with outdoor adventures.

“As of May 4, groups can enjoy one more outdoor adventure, treasure hunting, as Helena is now an official Geo-Tour community — meaning groups can search for geocaches, film canisters that are detected by a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver. We have 10 caches hidden in our area and it is a fun, interactive way to explore the area — from the wild outdoors to a candy store,” said O’Brien.

The GPS receivers are supplied and when a geocache is discovered, the group enters their special password and receives a coin reward. “This is an activity that has really taken off all over the world in the past decade and we are proud to be a part of it,” she said.

“Indeed, groups of all ages are looking for more than just being a bystander in a destination,” O’Brien continued. “We see traveling baby boomers and snowbirds from Canada here to put their boots on or get their feet wet and experience life in whatever ways that have them putting their hands in the air to cheer.”