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Bankers Talk Back: When on tour, when do you find time for yourself?


Kathy Gray
Citizens Bank | Fun Seekers
Fort Scott, Kansas

I’ve always got time for myself on the bus on the way to a destination. Sometimes in the evening when I’m in my hotel room, I have time, but I’m usually exhausted.

But I’m usually taking care of questions and issues for members of my group, even during free time. That’s why I’m there. It’s just part of the job and part of the reason I get such rewards, as these club members don’t have to worry about a thing when they are on a Fun Seekers trip.

Pamela Stange
Sterling Federal Bank | Four Seasons Club
Dixon, Illinois

I’m at breakfast early, and even during free time in the evening, I’m usually visiting with someone. I do try to have a room by myself when it is an eight- or nine-day trip, and that gives me a little time. But on shorter trips, I’m willing to share my room if it means saving money for a single traveler.

It’s always funny when someone asks, “Why doesn’t your husband go with you on your travels?” I say, “Because I’m working 24/7 — there is no time to dote on him and have a family vacation.”

Debbie Sundall
Farmers Trust and Savings Bank | Heritage Club
Spencer, Iowa

No, there is no time for myself. As director of the club, I feel like I’m on call and can answer questions, and indeed, my cell phone number is on the back of every name tag for any questions or concerns any time.

Our tours aren’t cheap, and I feel responsible that I need to give our group members their money’s worth. Even on a cruise, all are invited to go to dinner at the same time I will be there.

It is part of the job, and my employer is paying me to be there at all times.

Nancy Virden
Bank of Anguilla | Generation Gold
Rolling Fork, Mississippi

I do, on many occasions, get an hour or so for myself at night. When we’re on a motorcoach going from point A to point B, I get some time to think. And when we’re on an international trip, often there is a guide doing the logistics, so I get to enjoy the view.

But mostly, taking time for me is not necessary. I don’t long for time for myself — that’s just the way I am. And it’s not a problem, as I enjoy being with my group members and having fun.

Karen Tucker
Bank of McCreary County | McCreary Gold Club
Whitley City, Kentucky

Is there such a thing? I normally do not take time for myself, but occasionally, when we’re at an attraction, I get to enjoy that attraction on my own.

But I’m there on tour to be of help and service at all times. It’s really part of my job, and I don’t look at our trips as a time for relaxation for me.