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Bankers Talk Back: Souvenirs


What has been one of your favorite souvenirs from your travels?

Shirley Van Dam
Cortrust Bank | CorClub
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
On Prince Edward Island, I bought the book “Anne of Green Gables.” It’s the story of Anne Shirley, a young orphaned girl with long red pigtails who was sent to a middle-aged brother and sister who had intended to adopt a boy to help them.

It’s a wonderful story about all the relationships throughout her growing years, and the story and spirit also reminds me about one of my favorite places: Prince Edward Island.

Brenda Fontenot
Iberia Bank | Elite Club
Lake Charles, Louisiana

I purchased personalized pendant necklaces in Egypt for me, my daughter, three daughters-in-law and four granddaughters. They are Egyptian in design, and our names are inscribed in Arabic. I love buying for my family when I’m away, and I’ll admit, in this case, mine was gold, and the others were silver.

The girls in the family have great mementos from my travels; the guys usually get key chains.

Nadean Meredith
Commercial Bank | Golden Presidential
Middlesboro, Kentucky

I bought a book about the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, and I have it on my credenza. This is one of my favorite places; we’ve been there three times.

This hotel is the best, and the book reminds me of the history, size, decor, calmness and elegant dining. This is not only a beautiful place, but a quiet and relaxed resort to spend time. Someday, I hope I’ll have more time to sit on that beautiful front porch.

Carla Meierotto
Lee County Bank and Trust | Passport Club
Fort Madison, Iowa

I brought back handmade baskets woven from pine needles and leaves, and wooden spoons carved from local wood, from the Copper Canyon in Mexico. They were made by women in the Tarahumara Indian tribe, and if you’ve never visited these people, you can’t believe it. These people still live in caves, their sandals are made from old tires, and you can smell the smoke and fire that they use to create their crafts. At night, you can actually hear them drum back and forth to each other in their caves.

Every time I look at them in my house, I appreciate everything I have.

Julie Schultze
Farmers Trust Bank | Heritage Club
Spencer, Iowa

One of my travelers had such a good time on our trip to Branson that she crocheted me a beautiful eggshell doily. I have it on my dining room table, and it is a treasure.

Sheila Schwartz
Barrington Bank and Trust | Platinum Adventures
Barrington, Illinois

On a familiarization trip to Sedona, Arizona, my husband and I purchased pieces of Sedona rock in a souvenir shop. When you are in Sedona, there is something about the way the sun sets on this rock that gives everything a red glow. I have mine on my desk, and I remember this stunning destination every time I look at it.