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Aquarium of the Pacific debuts first penguins

LONG BEACH, California — The Aquarium of the Pacific unveiled its first penguin exhibit on May 17, providing a new home for four Magellanic penguins that were rescued near Rio, Brazil.

The four penguins — named Avery, Roxy, Robbie and Kate — have been deemed nonreleasable to the wild because of health issues.

The June Keyes Penguin Habitat resembles the penguins’ natural habitat along the temperate, rocky beaches of the southern tip of South America. They were stranded north of their normal range in search of food due to climate change and overfishing.

Located on the second floor near the aquarium’s ray pool, the habitat allows for viewing the penguins both above and below the water and also features educational exhibit panels and interactive touch screens with information about the penguins and issues affecting their survival.

Beginning June 2, the aquarium will offer a penguin encounter program that will feature behind-the-scenes tours with a chance to feed a penguin.