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A Spring in Our Step

There was a spring in our step as we prepared this first issue of Select Traveler for 2023. As publishers of several travel industry magazines, we knew three years ago that travel restrictions taking shape for the COVID pandemic would impact this magazine more than any of our others. Our flagship magazine for high-end group travel was certain to suffer from this historic tourism disruption.

Three years later, this vital resource for qualified planners is as relevant as it ever was. We’re covering global destinations again and our advertisers are returning to Select Traveler in hopes of grabbing your attention. Once again, it’s a lot of work just to cover the remarkable array of cruises and land tours that are being created for America’s upscale groups.

Make no mistake about it — the travel industry retooled during the COVID hiatus. Major airlines invested billions in their fleets, exotic new travel products for groups were created, and tour operators reimagined itineraries to make them more locally inspired than ever. Those are good things, because pent-up demand for travel today is at an all-time high.

As for us, we’re researching articles in 2023 about domestic favorites like San Antonio, the Virginia coast, Milwaukee and Vicksburg, Alabama, plus trending international destinations including Italy, Greece, Costa Rica and Kenya. And we’ll be offering you the latest developments at home and abroad from signature museums, shopping meccas and live theater in coming issues.

Figuratively speaking, we’re all back home and it’s been a journey. The view in our industry’s rear-view mirror looks better with each passing day. At Select Traveler magazine, we’re more excited than ever to bring you news from the world’s most intriguing places. We’ll see you and your travelers out there!