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What You Can Expect on a Journey Across the American Southwest with Rocky Mountaineer

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Rocky Mountaineer, which has been operating luxury rail journeys in Western Canada for over 30 years, launched their first standalone American route. Rockies to the Red Rocks travels between Denver, Colorado and Moab, Utah (or reverse) with an overnight stop in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. While they are well known for their impeccable service and incredibly scenery in Canada, what can you expect on the American route? Read on to find out!

Prepare to take a lot of photos

Rocky Mountaineer railcars are well known for their expansive windows that give guests the best views of passing landscapes. The views from the train are unparalleled and inspire guests to capture the scenery through hundreds of photos. To capture the perfect image, place your camera directly against the glass window to reduce glare, or visit the outdoor platform for a different vantage point.

Choose the best time to travel

The train travels by day, so guests don’t miss a moment of the incredible passing scenery. This makes April to October the ideal times to travel. In the spring months, guests will experience the mighty Colorado River, which the train travels alongside for much of the journey, at its strongest. Summertime brings beautiful flowers and warm, arid temperatures. The autumn months are accentuated by the epic changing colours of the leaves. Each season brings its own unique experiences on the train.

Come hungry

The all-inclusive culinary service on the train is a delight for the senses with highlights of regional flavours and ingredients, which continues throughout the two-day journey. From two-course breakfasts to three-course lunches, not to mention the continual beverage service, Rocky Mountaineer guests do not leave the train hungry. One of the more popular dishes is the roasted pork loin, which is seasoned with rosemary, Durango honey, and a whole grain mustard demi-glace, and served with local seasonal vegetables. Meals are served at your seat so you never miss a moment of the breathtaking scenery.

Enjoy a lounge car on rails

Guests interested in having more space to roam can choose to book the SilverLeaf Plus experience for access to the adjacent lounge car. In the lounge car, guests can enjoy an enhanced beverage service with additional wine and spirits options served by a dedicated onboard host. Guests will also discover an unexpected benefit of the lounge car — it is the ideal spot to meet and socialize with fellow guests from around the world.

Explore unique destinations

After a relaxing day on the train, guests can continue to enjoy warm hospitality in their overnight destinations by dining in local restaurants, exploring national parks, and learning about the history of the American Southwest. Denver, the Mile High City, is well known for its local craft breweries. In Glenwood Springs, guests can take a dip in the world’s largest mineral hot springs pool, which is an enjoyable way to celebrate the end of a travel day. Moab is situated between two national parks, Arches and Canyonlands, making it the perfect home base for any adventure.

The journey is always sweeter when it’s shared. Rocky Mountaineer offers one complimentary seat for every 15 paid guests on a group package. For a limited time, save up to $200 USD per guest on select Rockies to the Red Rocks group packages. Get the sense of adventure you crave, with the exceptional service you deserve on this journey of a lifetime.