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The Select Traveler Universe

From time to time, I like to share information about the universe of travel buyers who read Select Traveler. As a regular reader of several magazines myself, I’m always interested to learn what I can about other readers of those magazines. 

Select Traveler has a concentrated readership of just over 5,000 key travel decision-makers who represent primarily banks, chambers of commerce, alumni organizations and tour companies that offer trips for those groups. We mail it in print to more than 4,000 of those and send it online to those who have requested its digital version, plus several thousand additional travel buyers who have requested it. 

The graph here illustrates who those readers are and reflects this summer’s circulation update that eliminated programs that have consolidated or closed and added quite a few new programs that are museum-based. Many museums have travel programs for their most engaged patrons and supporters. 

To those of you enjoy receiving Select Traveler and its practical ideas for managing travel groups, let me express our continued thanks for your engagement with us and for the vital role you play in America’s travel industry.