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Planners Talk Back: November 2017

Select Traveler asked these group travel planners, “what was an immersive cultural experience that your group enjoyed?” Check out their responses.


Jay Wolz, Director of Alumni Relations

Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau, Missouri

“During our most recent tour of southern Ireland, our travel group spent half a day with a local family on their working dairy farm. The experience not only gave us great insights into Ireland’s dairy industry, but also helped familiarize us with the typical lifestyle of a multigenerational family in rural Ireland, away from the popular Irish tourist destinations. Six months later, people who were on the trip still describe the morning we spent on the dairy farm as one of the highlights of our trip.”

Wendy Northcross, Chief Executive Officer

Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce, Centerville, Massachusetts

“We took several groups to China, a place most of the travelers never dreamed they would ever visit. Walking the Great Wall was a very special experience. Once home, the members told their friends and family about the trip, which generated requests for us to take additional groups. Of all the destinations we’ve offered, China has been the most popular.”

Dianne De Wit, Signature & Regional Events Coordinator

Dordt College, Sioux Center, Iowa

“Our group traveled to South Africa with a stop in Mozambique, which is not an ordinary tour destination. We chose to include Mozambique because we had alumni involved in a chicken-growing operation designed to lift the people of Mozambique from poverty and improve their food supply. This endeavor reflects the mission of our college. Allowing our alumni and friends to tour this operation and hear how it has impacted communities is a priceless way to show how our educational mission impacts people around the world.”

Amber Cushman, New Accounts Department Supervisor and Travel Coordinator

Buena Vista National Bank, Chester, Illinois

“Our trip to an Amish community in northern Illinois was a cultural immersion experience. During this trip, a step-on guide gave us the history of the area and explained various day-to-day Amish activities. We enjoyed a meal at an Amish home as part of this tour. Sitting together at a table with an Amish father who also happened to be a preacher was a moving experience. He said the Lord’s Prayer in German and then repeated it again in English for all to join in. All the voices coming together before the meal was quite inspiring. His wife and daughters prepared the delicious meal and served our group.”