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Brighten Your Trips with Nontraditional Activities

Is your usual repertoire of travel activities starting to feel stale?

Traditional group tours tend to follow some well-established patterns. In many destinations, the typical tour itinerary may include a city tour, a museum visit, a historic site, some theater or entertainment, and maybe some light outdoor adventure. And while there’s nothing wrong with any of those activities, a much wider world of travel experiences can add some excitement to your group trips.

Whether you’re looking to attract younger travelers or simply want to give your customers something new, consider adding some of these nontraditional activities to take your trips to the next level.

Food Tours

Over the past decade or so, a new generation of tourism entrepreneurs has taken the age-old concept of the city tour and elevated it with culinary flair. Food tours are incredibly popular today — regardless of where you’re going, there’s likely to be a local foodie offering tasty tours. Planning one of these excursions can make an exciting alternative to another standard restaurant meal and can help your travelers connect to the culture of the place they are visiting in tangible ways.

Service Projects

There are an increasing number of people today looking for opportunities to make a positive impact on the communities they visit. As “voluntourism” grows in popularity, so do the number of ways travel groups can integrate service projects into their trips. Something as simple as a morning spent cleaning up a natural area, making repairs at a historic site or working with community organizations can add depth and meaning to the travel experience. Ask tour operators or destination reps for help in finding those opportunities.

Musical Encounters

Nothing livens up a trip like some great local music, and destinations throughout the country and around the world have their own styles of music to share. Live music shows and performances have been a staple of group itineraries for years, but travel planners should also look into private and intimate musical experiences for their guests. Ask destination partners to help connect you to beloved local performers and songwriters who can take your groups on a musical journey through the local culture and history.

Night Excursions

Just because dinner is over doesn’t mean you should call it a day, because many destinations come alive in new ways at night. From stargazing in the wilderness to bar crawls in the city, taking your customers out after dark can be an exciting way to experience familiar places. Keep in mind, though, that some of your travelers may not be prepared for late hours, so it’s best to make sure evening activities are optional — and that the next day’s activities start later than normal.

Wellness Experiences

One of the fastest-growing segments of the emerging group travel industry is wellness retreats. And although your travelers may not be interested in joining you for an entire weekend of yoga and meditation, they could really enjoy taking a few hours during a tour for some guided rest and relaxation. This could include anything from spa treatments at your hotel to a short contemplation and mindfulness session in a beautiful setting. Encouraging travelers to leave their phones behind for this part will make it even more powerful.